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Handicapping refers to a person’s approach to predicting a game’s outcome. Some people weigh certain factors differently than others.

In general, a handicapper looks at applicable weather conditions, and in any sport, it’s injuries. Past statistics come into handicapping, and in some sports, past performances against that team. So, for example, in basketball, they play each other more often than they do in football, so you would use past performances for your handicap.

Handicapping can be as simple or as complicated as you like. People who wager on sports professionally (or try) will devise their own rating systems and use them to help identify what a line should be.

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The answer is simple – because I am a professional in the sports investing space. Gambling should be approached as an investment. If you were going to invest your money in the stock market, would you try to go at it yourself or would you employ a broker that has experience, connections, a track record of success, and an in-depth knowledge of the industry?

Gambling is what we do. While you are spending time at your job, with your family, or doing whatever it is that you do, we are hard at work doing research and planning for the next opportunity. Data drives results, we have the most advanced data to ensure profitability over the long term.

When you use the ProvenWinner brand, you are tapping into years of experience and knowledge. We know how to find the best opportunities and how to maximize our chances of success. We also know how to manage our bankrolls and stick to a disciplined approach. By following our lead, you can improve your chances of winning and make more money over the long term.

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Here at ProvenWinner, we have a unique bankroll management system to ensure you are in the best position to win. We have a bankroll management tool on our app, which makes it simple for the user to determine how much to bet on each game using our proprietary money management system. For reference, our 1-100* rating system is as follows.

25* = 1.25% of bankroll

50* = 2.50% of bankroll

75* = 3.75% of bankroll

100* = 5.00 of bankroll

All of our plays are to risk, not to win.

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There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a sports handicapper, and it can be tempting to use multiple handicappers in order to get the best possible picks. However, in my humble opinion, this is not the best strategy. Instead, you should choose one handicapper and give that person ample time to prove his or her worth. Sports betting is a long-term investment, and my advice is to give your handicapper at least 30 days to determine if that company is the right fit. Using multiple handicappers at the same time produces far too much volume and inconsistencies with results. It’s better to focus on one reliable source of picks, so that you can confidently make your bets and hopefully see some profits over time.

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ANSWER: You can expect the picks 1 hour before the games each day through our app which you can find on the Apple Store or Google Play Store. You will receive a push notification so you never miss a pick!

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